Major update is here!

It took more time that I anticipated, but the log awaited major update is finally here. The material has been restructured to a more book-like form, available as a single-file download.
All the code has been updated to work with the latest and greatest versions of pandas and other essential tools.
Current release version is 4.0 and I am already working on working on 4.1 that will include an update on interfacing with Interactive Brokers though their native Python API and fresh new ibinsync library.
And as always, every subscriber will receive life-time updates!

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Registration issues solved

There have been some issues with registration emails. Some users could not register or recover lost passwords. Everything should be fine now. If not, please contact me at

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Yahoo finance fixed!

The tradingWithPython library has been updated to version 3.1.1 , the issues with yahoo finance not working have been solved!

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yahoo finance broken

It seems that twp.yahooFinance has stopped working a couple of days ago.  I've traced the issue and it seems to be with Yahoo finance :(.

The data api that was working for years is now not responding, essentially breaking the libraries that rely on it. Not only mine twp.yahooFinance module has stopped working, but also for example pandas-datareader  (see errors in generated documentation).

This is of course utterly annoying. Unfortunately I can't fix it right away, as the not working part is on the Yahoos end. I only can wonder if this is a temporary glitch or if the functionality has been removed on purpose.

I'm sure it will get solved one way or another, in the worst case I'll need to migrate to a different data provider.

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New course pricing

The course is now offered without support, for a much lower price, just $95. Additional support can still be arranged if needed.

Providing an unsupported version will enable me to work on an update, which will include new material. I also want it to become a browseable reference handbook. I'll need all the spare time I can get to do this major update, which is planned in the fall of 2017.

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Moving to Python3

I've started updating course material to Python 3. The first part has already been updated, the others should follow in the coming weeks.  A lot of things need to be changed, unfortunately this means that there could be some inconsistencies until the update is completely finished.

If you come across a missing link or something else that does not work as expected, please contact me and I will do my best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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Maintenance update

The TWP library has been updated to fix a plotting bug and a couple of depreciation warnings in yahooFinance module. New version is

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problems with registration fixed

There has been an issue with registering on the site due to not working email. This has been resolved and registration should be working now.

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Nearest-neighbors strategy is finally here!

Promised and much-anticipated nearest-neighbors strategy notebook is finally here! It can be found on the bottom of the Part 3 page as #308 notebook.

The strategy uses different inputs from the one described on the blog, but it's easy to change the inputs to any indicator.

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minor fix

  • updated twp_301 for new version of the drawdown function
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